ARVIND VENUGOPAL - Vocals/Keyboard/Production

Arvind is the founder and lead of Tvameva.

Trained in Carnatic (South Indian Classical)  music, Arvind started his learning in Chennai, India., where he grew up in a musically gifted family. Music permeated his daily life while growing up. His parents are learned music connoisseurs and his extended family often helped fill gatherings with melodious ragas.


For almost a decade, Arvind trained with his brothers Arun and Arjun under the guidance of two gurus, the late Sri Gopalakrishna Sarma and Sri Ranganathan Sarma. He believes that music is divine, universal, and simplistic. And much like his transcontinental life across America and India, the fusion of musical genres is a symbol of our shared worlds.

With sound roots in music theory, he continues to look for inspiration through vocal improvisations, instruments, electronic mediums, and hybrid sounds. He is also a founding member of The Sanctuaries - an arts collective that works on social change through arts, spirituality, and diversity.

Arvind has featured at a variety of venues and events in the US and in India - including the Millennium Stage at Kennedy Center in 2018, and Washington Cherry Blossoms Festival in 2017.

REIS DEBRUYNE - Guitar/Bass/Electronics

Reis DeBruyne, aka, Pretty Turkish, is a multi-instrumentalist with a love for all sound (music included)! Growing up in the DMV has exposed to diverse musical styles from around the globe while playing in jazz combos, indie groups and punk bands has informed his eclectic style. Pretty Turkish is an outcropping of his thoughts, feelings and explorations in sound. Playing alongside dear friends is an expression of his spirit.


Classically trained on saxophone and voice, he eventually embraced the guitar (and later bass guitar) for more playing opportunities. Closely associated with the DMV visual art worlds and having studied sound art with Dr. Thomas Stanley (aka Bushmeat Sound) he explores through the spectrum of audio unlimited.


Working with Arvind in Tvameva is a natural extension of his love of life! He also hosts a weekly Open Mic Night at Fairfax’s Epicure Cafe and has been known to slay a DJ set from time to time. Seeking to grow well rounded in all aspects of life, he also enjoys writing, drawing, exploring the outdoors and developing long term relationships with friends and family.

RAHUL MUKERJI - Chapman Bass Stick

Rahul is a multi-award winning musician based in Maryland. Born in India, he has been performing live for over twenty years. He has had a varied performing career that has included stints in Chicago, Boston, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and India.

Rahul has been featured on a wide array of recordings. His pieces were featured in a movie in Singapore. His music has been aired on national and international radio stations and featured in various animations. It was used as the official score for the Fractal Forums web episodes.

Rahul has been featured in prominent international music magazines such as Vintage Guitar, Guitar Player, Songlines and Pipeline. Additionally, he is also a guest Guitar Instructor on the Shred Academy website.

What attracts me to Indian Music: the vast array of improv pieces coupled with the inflections provide a very distinct yet mesmerizing sound. I enjoy learning new and fresh ideas, musically and what better avenue than to integrate an older traditional yet rich and vibrant art form into my music. 


Rohit is the newest member of Tvameva, and plays the Cajón. He balances his creative side of being an artist with his research work as a medical scientist. His musical influences include Pop, Rock, Tollywood, Bollywood, and Folk music from India. 

McKENDRE JAY - Drums, Percussion 

McKendre Jay is the newest addition to Tvameva. Well travelled across different genres of percussion, McKendre is constantly remixing his upbringing of blues, rock & roll, funk, and afro-beat into new styles that he continues to discover.

Outside of Tvameva, his projects include experimental electronic production, gospel and hip-hop session recording, and studying traditional west African dance rhythms.


McKendre is known for his ability to hold base rhythm patterns for extended periods of time with a variety of instruments, which helps explain his attraction to African and South Asian music styles - “Rhythm, the fundamental cadence of all life cannot be stopped. Bringing that energy to the surface calls every voice to join it, which is the point when I feel most alive.”


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